Honouring Loved Ones Lost

Melanoma Bike Bash honours loved ones lost, like Aaron Wilson.

Aaron Wilson was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma in May 2016 and passed away in November 2019, at just 38 years old. Aaron’s immediate family includes his young wife Kirsten, parents Craig and Anna, and siblings Jarrod and Leah.

In keeping with his trademark altruistic nature, Aaron started to volunteer his time and workplace skills to assist melanomaWA from May 2017, working on marketing proposals and strategies, websites and more. In May 2019, Aaron took on the position of Operations Manager at melanomaWA, when he was clear of melanoma, but later that month Aaron learned his melanoma had returned. He worked on through his symptoms and made a significant contribution to melanomaWA, not least in the prep and staging of the Mission for melanomaWA 2019. He was great to have around at this fun event.

As a valued member of the melanomaWA family we honour his contribution to our organisation and to our lives.